Autodesk CAD award judged at championship level - are we eligible?


I only just now noticed that the “EXCELLENCE IN DESIGN AWARD, SPONSORED BY AUTODESK” is judged at the championship level only.

My students worked really hard on the CAD submission, but our team did not qualify for the championship (and we do not intend to register for the wait list).

Do we still have a chance of winning the award even if we do not attend the championship, or do you have to attend in order to be eligible for it?


IIRC, it’s open to anyone who submitted by the deadline. Can’t find the plain English clause right now, but the official rules explain:
This Award Category (3D Design) will be judged in 2011 only at the Championship level. It will not be judged at the Regional level. The Winner will be announced by an Autodesk representative, and the winning entry will be shown during the 2011 FIRST Robotics Championship Awards Ceremony. Representatives from the winning team will be acknowledged on the main stage, if present.
You’ll be notified by phone (see Section 7).

Do you guys know when they will say who the finalist are for the award?