Autodesk Cloud

I’m trying to setup the Autodesk Cloud, as in the 1GB free version. Yet as I upload a few test files, I’ve noticed some very frustrating inconsistencies. Every time I upload an assembly and re-download it (testing collaboration out), the assembly file loses all links to the parts it contains. Has anyone else tried this, or can anyone recommend a revision control system for CAD?

If not, I suppose we can use Dropbox to share files.

Do you have a Project file set up that you are also uploading/downloading? That should keep the references.

You may need to upload the part files too?

I don’t have a project file, but I am uploading all required files. For example, I have a FieldAssembly assembly file that only has a “PlainFloor” component, and I upload both together. Upon re-download of both files, the FieldAssembly file brings up a dialog requiring me to re-link the PlainFloor component.

In re-watching the videos, it looks like most of what Autodesk demos for the Cloud are dwf files, which should be fine for viewing. I think what I’ll do instead is use Google Code as a SVN repository, have the students use that for collaboration (with some rules), then publish .dwf’s to Autodesk Cloud. That way the main build mentors (good with their hands, but not with CAD) can view the models and get dimensions when they need them.

I’ll investigate the project file as well. Thanks for the responses!

I’ve exploring cloud solutions for our team too. I’ll do some research on Google Code, but what do you mean by “with some rules”? Sure hard to sort out the browser plugs, etc.

Not too technical please. Thanks in advance.

By “rules” I mean some ground rules between the students and I for who works on what, what to do about ‘merges’ (2 people updating the same file), don’t do ‘forks’, and finally, naming conventions ([SubSystem][SubAssembly][PartName]). This way we can hopefully avoid problems along the way, like one of us overwriting the file that someone else just updated.

I believe you need to do what is called, “Pack and Go.” To my understanding, it takes all related files to an assembly and the assembly itself and places it into one file that you can open up on any computer with compatible software without having issues with file linking.

Our team had quite the experience with this issue uploading our Inventor submission last year. We tested our submission and found that every file link of the over 5000 parts on our robot CAD was not working. We read up about a solution and pack and go came up. It was actually very useful!

Here is an explanation and quick tutorial on how it works.

Disclaimer: This might or might not be what you are looking for.

Thanks! That looks similar to what we’re looking for. I’ll test it out today.


Keep me posted on how your testing goes. I have a meeting tomorrow with some other Autodesk folks and I can post any issues you might be having with the Cloud.