Autodesk Downloads needed plz

Hi does anyone have on autodesk the 56mm Spur Gearbox, 2 motor adapter from BaneBots, the AM Servo Shifter (GEN 2), the AM Shifter (GEN 1),or the AM Gearbox (single speed), from Andy Mark? If so could they send me a link to download it, also does anyone have on Autodesk any univeral joints that can be used for drive shafts and 25 gage chain that i can download please send me a link i’ve searched everywhere on Cheifdelphi and only found links that no longer work :-/ please help thank you!

The andymark products all have stp files of the parts on their website. under the product description

ive seen that it says
CAD file (.stp)
AM Gearbox Assembly file (.pdf)”
but i have been unable to get anything to work or load onto autodest inventor

Download the .stp file. Then open Inventor and go to File>Open. Choose STEP on the file type list and open the file you downloaded. Then you can use File>Save to save it as .ipt and .iam files.

When you open the assemblies from STEP files, the parts should be positioned correctly, but they will be uncontrained. You’ll either have to constrain each one or Ground them to hold them in place.