Autodesk "Education" Software - Incredibly Frustrating

So, I’ve always appreciated Autodesk allowing their software to be used by teams for this design competition. But something appears to have gone very ‘wrong’ with their registration this year.

Last year, a number of our mentors received messages that their accounts were under ‘review’ for exporting issues. We’re all in the United States.

So multiple people including myself had to create new accounts to get the software. This year, we’re being told that our education access is expiring in 3 days. It seems impossible to ‘renew’ your access as a design mentor. To add, I even created (yet another) email, and signed up as a design mentor. That didn’t work either, it ignored when I logged in on my computer, it ignored that and told me I had no license.

I’ve contacted support and was directed to the ‘community’ boards. The community boards are unable to help and said contact support. So, it appears that unless you have a school email (maybe? Even our folks with school emails are having problems) that Autodesk no longer allows design mentors freedom to use their programs.

I’ve even redownloaded the software twice, and had no luck that way either.

Is anyone else seeing these issues?


I, as a teacher, had to write a letter explaining that the person is mentoring a high school Robotics team. The mentor then submits the letter I wrote them to their account and it gets approved as proof of their educational impact. The letter has worked every time.


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