Autodesk FIRSTbase Problems!! Help!!


So multiple team members and I have created an account on Autodesk FIRST Base to download the software we’ll need for this year. However, it asks for a team Number and password.

Team number: 611
Team Password: ??? what?

we never received a team password? Also, when I try to send this “forgotten” password. It says “email sent.” I check our team’s main email box–nothing.

Whats going on? Where/How do we get this “Team Password”??

The team password should be the same password as the main contacts TIMS password iirc.

We can’t even get our team registered! It doesn’t find us in thier database.
We really need these Autodesk programs!!! :ahh:

Your team main contact (whoever registers the team for the FIRST competitions) should have been given the primary login & password.

I was able to login but couldn’t download the Autodesk software until our team leader logged in and granted “permission” for me to download.

And it’s a BIG download - over 500 meg for 3ds Max 9!


Website: Autodesk has created a website area devoted to FIRST teams, called FIRSTbase.

Please go to for information on the software downloads, training, the

Autodesk competition, Autodesk kit of parts, technical support, their sponsorship, FIRST alumni,

resources, frequently asked questions, the pressroom and feedback. You can find the initial email

on the archive page If you can’t find

answers to your questions from the above website, please contact Autodesk via

[email protected]