AutoDesk Installation Problem

So I am a “newbie” when it comes to CAD software, and our team is going heavily into it, so I tried to download AutoDesk Inventor.After installing the Student Program, I began to install. However, I found that my C: drive was extremely low on memory and could not handle the download (as seen in the attached picture). I know that I have a lot more space on the D:, but even if I switch it in the installation window and retry, it gives the same message. I have changed the default installation folder in Windows Registry, but that did not seem to work. Perhaps someone has had this problem before? Or maybe I am the only one that sucks?

I believe Inventor does need some space on the same drive as Windows, at least for Application Data and such. May I ask, why is your C: drive so incredibly small? Can you repartition?

Ask Autodesk support they are really helpful with these issues. They got back to me in less than a business day via email.