Autodesk Inventor -> 3ds Max (File Format)

I’ve been trying to get something I designed in Autodesk Inventor into the 3ds Max program, but I can’t.

The only shared file format between the two is IGES. When I import the file into 3ds Max from an IGES format, all sorts of extraneous elements are added to the model.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better file format to work with? Is there some sort of program which will allow better import/exports?

I can post the different files up, if someone is willing to take a look at them. When I open up the IGES file in Autodesk Inventor, it looks just like the original model. It is only on the import into 3ds Max that the model starts acting strange.



That is what you get when you try to swim between max/any other 3d pakage and inventor. in fact, CAM/CAE software has a history of not likeing any other formats. when i was an intern at NASA, they had me recad a componant offa the drawings insted of dealing with the file conversion…