Autodesk Inventor Award 2002

I’d like to know from all the teams if they are participating on the Autodesk Inventor Award or not and their entry’s URL. :confused:

My team’s entry is in (there’s a link for the Inventor Award in the main page).
We had a lot of time to do it but we did it in the last days, so it’s not the way I wanted it to be, but anyway it’s there.

Last year I designed in Inventor a claw to grab the goals, and showed it to the team. They gave me many ideas to make it better and so I improved it many times, always using Inventor. When it was ready we built it, and it worked pretty well.
That was a great experience for me, about using a software to create and construct a mechanical part. :cool:

Please reply saying if your team sent an entry or not and your entry’s website address.

Rodrigo Ribeiro
#383 - The Brazilian Machine

this was supposed to work like a poll in the general forum so I would know the answer from many teams.
BUT this thread was put in the inventor forum, loosing it’s meaning and receiving no answer.