Autodesk Inventor Award for First?

This year, I am the main guy doing inventor for our robot, and I was wondering what it takes to win the inventor award at the competition? Is there something in particular they are looking for when they give out this award, or is it just the more detail for your 3d robot, the better?

Also, what is the award for this (how big of a trophy, how much money?):yikes:

First, check out Section 5 of the manual. The requirements are in there, as are the prizes. I am not sure what they look for, though.

As suggested by Eric, read the section of the manual that pertains to this award, carefully. It’s very important.

When a FIRST team competes for an award, the end result is usually one of achievement and accomplishment. The opportunity to be recognized by your peers is no small thing in FIRST. You may think that the size of the trophy or money is the result of winning and what matters. It goes deeper than that. You can’t measure respect for a job well done by size or amount.

If you search through threads regarding this award over the past year or two, you will find discussions as to what to expect.

Don’t forget about the wonderful scholarships that are available as well. Check out the FIRST website for information about those.

Email me privately, ask as many questions, and I can tell you what you need to know. But, just understand that it’s no assurance that you will win, since I tell a lot of teams probably the same thing I will tell you.

I’ll help you as much as I can.