Autodesk Inventor Free Student Edition

That’s interesting thanks for letting me know!

Yeah, I haven’t got a response back yet but I will let you know what they say.

Don’t overthink it. When it asks you to upload a document, just upload a picture of your student ID. Autodesk will give you full access after a few minutes.

Im part of a 4H team and homeschooled. So im pretty stuck there too.


Not sure how that’ll work for mentors in industry. :man_shrugging:


5413 is not affiliated with a high school.

Yeah this happened to me a few months ago. All I did was upload my high school transcript and in an hour or so they emailed me saying I got access.

It doesn’t matter if your team is affiliated with a school or not. Assuming you attend a high school, all you have to upload is proof that you go there. You just have to prove you are a student.

Exactly. Mentors almost always need software access too. Not to mention things like installing it on team shared machines. It seems like with this change, teams are going to be better off switching to Solidworks (which just gives the team as a whole X number of licenses) or Onshape.


You don’t keep your college student ID around for 30 years to continue getting discounts? The one that conveniently doesn’t have a year or expiry on it.


No dice- Autodesk requires that the documentation be dated.

So a lot of current student IDs wouldn’t be sufficient for this, much less my 1995 one. :upside_down_face:

I ran into this problem at the beginning of the build season. Since I’m not a school employee nor do I have any school issued ID/email, I ended up just emailing AutoDesk and explaining the situation with them. Took a round of back and forth but they did at the end renew my account (only for 1 year though).

I think FIRST going to need to work something out with AutoDesk so that they can find a way around their current ‘new’ overly restrictive system.

Maybe the team roster would work. A little painful since you have to get someone with rights to print it with just your name checked. A letter from the team coach on team letter head stating you are a mentor should work. Last time I renewed Autodesk software it was a two year license. I sure hope they have not changed it to one year licensing.

I use Inventor, but if any team doesn’t particularly like it, Solidworks is still an option. You can’t go get it from the student angle unless your school buys access, but through the Virtual KOP you can request a “sponsorship” which if I recall gets you as many licenses as you need.

Autodesk did end up responding.

They said that they are now taking eligibility more seriously by using SheerID and that I must contact SheerID to handle any verification issues.

I am doing that and will relay what they have me do.

I have an existing (institutional) Autodesk Account, and have previously been validated by SheerID.

All I had to do today was login to Autodesk, verified the information they already have on file (name, institution, etc), and I was automatically approved via SheerID verification.

Pretty painless.

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I think the problem is going to be with those of us that doesn’t have an easily identified “Tribe” as SheerID calls them. The only reason I qualify for an educational licence is from Autodesk’s sponsorship of First. I am not a student and not an educator so I don’t have the normal means of documentation.


I guess I’m not surprised since it was really too easy to get essentially unlimited licenses that you could easily pirate. I wonder if a First Senior Mentor could start a process to get a form developed that Autodesk would accept to authorize team affiliated people to get access to their software?

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True, Autodesk does have “Design Competition Mentor” as a valid “Educational Role”, but I’m guessing that doesn’t currently integrate with the SheerID.

Maybe try this contact form? It’s possible they haven’t thought that far ahead yet with the verification rollout.

Might also want to try DM’ing @inventor_phild to see if he has ideas for non-educational affiliated mentors.

Fortunately I have another year on my licenses. Hopefully it will be sorted before then.