Autodesk Inventor iPart Factories

So, I’m getting used to Inventor now, and I’m being quite productive with it. I watched the tutorials, and I noticed the iPart that the tutorial insertd into the model.

I thought that would be very useful for our extruded aluminum profile. We could simply specify the distance that we want the aluminum to be extruded.

I’m having trouble with the custom iPart factory. I got the standard iPart factory working, but that limits the piece to distances explicitly written in the iPart table. The help file says you can make a custom iPart factory that can generate parts to any values for the parameters that you would like.

I’m having trouble getting this working, though. Can anyone help? Right now, the model I am using for the profile is simply one sketch extruded distance “Length” and that is the key being used in the custom iPart factory.


I don’t quite know what you mean, but if you want to say that the part does not change when you click “Done” in the table, you might want to try clicking “Update” on the tool bar in the main window.