Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal Question

My team uses Autodesk Inventor to CAD our robots. Since we were able to get lasercutting donated this past season, we used the sheetmetal tools in Inventor. Throughout the season I was constantly frustrated with one thing: Everytime that I created a new sheetmetal part, the “default” style (with the material, sheetmetal thickness, bend radius, etc.) would change, even though I would change the default to what I wanted and then saved it. I have the Styles Editor set to “Read/Write” as well.

Have other teams encountered this problem? Does anyone have a solution to keep the default from changing. It was such as pain this seasons because I literally spent half of my time constantly changing the settings to what I needed when it wouldn’t just stay the same. Any help is appreciated.

(first off, this probably should have been made in the inventor subsection)

If I remember correctly (haven’t use inventor in a few years so I may be running on old info) you have to set it up to load the settings from the correct save file. The settings you have set may be loading from the wrong save file when you open a new file.

Thanks for the help. You are correct - I had clicked the save button in the styles editor but didn’t actually save in to the styles library. What I had to do was right click on default in the navigation bar on the left and click “save to styles library.” This fix will save me much time and hassle. Thanks!

no problem