Autodesk Synthesis 2019 Game Field and 2019 KOP

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My team is looking for the first year to build our robot in CAD. To get ourselves started we were hoping to use the pre-made CAD Kit of Parts available for download on the website. However, it appears that the 2019 KOP is not available for download yet. Does anyone know when this will be released or if they already are available somewhere, where they can be downloaded.

Additionally, We were hoping to utilize the Autodesk Synthesis program, but the 2019 field is not an option yet. Does anyone know when this is going to be released?

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You know if you are a student or teacher or person affiliated with an educational institution - IOW have an email tied to that educational organization you can get things like inventor or Fusion360 for free. We use inventor as our school has classes for it so we have kids who already know it

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I did know this and my team does have inventor for free. However I was just unsure as to how when the CAD Kit of Parts will be released, and when the 2019 field CAD will be released for Autodesk Synthesis, which is also free.


Team 4089 Stealth Robotics is also wondering when the field will be available in Synthesis. We’re clicking around trying to figure out how to export the field as a file type Synthesis can read, with no luck so far.

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Well the 2019 field is not on the actual application but you can import it in by downloading the field at, it has been available since kickoff.

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