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Been trying to get synthesis working. I’ve installed on 3 different machines all windows 10 pro. One machine when you click start emulator will throw up an emulator failed to start message but not consistently, never goes ready. Sometimes no message at all but the driver station comes. The other two the emulator will start but I cannot get the robot code to run or connect. Any tips would be great!

The current version is not compatible with the 2020 robot code and will not be for some time based on my bug ticket on their GitHub project. You could compile on a 2019 vscode setup as a workaround.

That explains a lot, thanks! I’ll give that a shot. Any recommendations for something similar to synthesis that plays nicer for 2020? Getting something like this in the hands of our developers would be fantastic!

It depends on the kind of simulation you’re looking for. The WPILib simulator GUI (new for 2020) doesn’t let you drive a robot around on the field, but does provide interactive access to all of the robot inputs and outputs for the purposes of testing your code without a RoboRIO.

Disclaimer: I wrote it.

Well, thanks for the development on that. I did give that a try and threw some code in to watch a solenoid trigger. Had that simulating pretty quick! I was hoping for something with the visual feedback to help our team with drive code and motion profiling.

Is there going to be a means to monitor CANbus? I didn’t see that option.

Beyond what Peter shared I have no other suggestions. If you’re not using any features that are strictly 2020 related you can code in two projects and basically copy back and forth between 2019 and 2020 vscode installs. It’s… really not ideal. And prone to human error. But it is a workaround.

CAN bus is up to vendors to support. There’s no built in simulation support at a lower protocol level.

Ayup, but have any indicated they’ll be adding support in the next few weeks?

At this point it’s probably somewhat unlikely. However, teams can fairly easily write wrapper classes that use SimDevice to add GUI access for the things they care about.

Still a little stuck trying to get Synthesis working with last year’s software work-around. Running; WPILibInstaller_Windows64-2019.4.1 which downloaded/installed VSCode 1.30.1

Created a new project, built successfully. Synthesis -> Select Code, it uploads. Emulator connected, Robot Code Uploaded and Robot Code Running!! Can’t get “Robot Code Connected” to go green.

Enable says: Connecting to user program but nothing happens…

The only things that look interesting the the IO Panel/logs are

********** Robot program starting **********
Synthesis Emulation Startup Info:
HEL Version: 1.1.0
Virtual Machine Version: 2.0
WPILib Version: v2019.4.1
NI Libraries Version: v2019-12

Synthesis warning: Unsupported feature: Function call tInterruptManager::registerHandler
Synthesis warning: Unsupported feature: Function call tInterruptManager::enable
Default RobotInit() method… Override me!
gRPC serving on

Then it just loops Watchdog.

Any more tips to get me over hopefully the last hurdle?

Thanks in advance!

Also stuck on WPILibInstaller_Windows64-2019.4.1. Can’t get ‘Robot Code Connected’. @Peter_Johnson

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same with WPILibInstaller_Windows64-2019.3.2

Same with me (2019.4.1). See more here (chief delphi thread) and here (github issue)

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