Autodesk upload issues?

Anyone else having issues getting their animation to upload to autodesk? I’m getting very frustrated. It just sat their uploading for the past hour and then just logged me out. :mad:
I’m so ready for this part to be over.

You are not the only one!!! Uploading this year is a pain. It took forever for us to find where to upload and then once we finally filled everything out, and uploaded it, we recieved and email saying what we submitted was wrong. It changed our program to AutoCad and we selected Autodesk 3Ds Max, I do not know what is going on!!!

We got ours uploaded, but the interface was sort of difficult - finding your team in a dropdown list of thousands.
I never understand the question about does your anim contain audio.
Yes, I answered (narration) It then insists I have a pdf with authorization (even though it was us).
I ended up choosing no audio - I hope that doesn’t confuse them.

When all is finally uploaded, you don’t get a screen that says completed or thank you, etc. The screen simply goes blank (with “Done” in the browser taskbar).

I thought it had broke… but it did in fact upload. Had I checked my email, I would have known that before I uploaded again!

How long did it take for you to get an email said it was uploaded? Would like to not submit it again if I don’t need to.

I got it within 5 minutes…

I never got a confirmation email but when i submitted it the second time since we were a little confuse if it went through or not it said that we had already submited. so im a little woried D:

We’ve been having issues with uploading the animation as well, we’ve tried submitting a few times, but up until now it had just been “loading” or saving our gallery for extended periods of time ending up with the page timing out,(internet explorer gave us the message that it couldn’t display “this” page as if it had lost connection) this last time we just tried we were logged out instead.

I got ours uploaded but came across a new dilemma. There are notices plastered all over the website saying the animation is due today. But in the email I received confirming successful upload it says we have until the 25th (1 week from tomorrow). We already uploaded ours but is this legit? And if so, can we re-upload the animation with changes?

I believe the 25th due date is for CAD only. I believe that is a misprint for the animations.

We got the confirmation email. But how do you know it was really successful without seeing it. I’m surprised that you can not go somewhere to look.

I also thought the security was week. What would prevent a misguided student from loading a YouTube video for another team? It looked too easy.

As far as security. I think you have to be confirmed as a member of the team on the Autodesk FIRST site to upload for that team right? And I could have sworn the page that comes up after uploading completes has a link to see submissions.

Two questions (never done this before):

  1. Can we start submitting the animation and follow up with the jpg. and storeyboard?

  2. We read that detailed submission information is on the Education Community section of www.autodesk/FIRST, but we could find no such instructions on that website. Do we just press Submit, find our team, and that’s it?


Its all in one go I believe. I doubt they’d let you do it in multiple uploads but I did ours altogether just in case.

Is anyone else having issues with having this message at the bottom of their screen: “Saving gallery, please wait…”. We’ve had that message at the bottom of our page for a while and the loading bar is making no headway(stuck at 0%), I suppose it’s probably from all the stress being put on the server due to submissions but if anyone has any help it would be appreciated.

It just does that as it uploads. Mine said that and “Waiting for” in the information bar through the entire process

Sorry, I believe that you have to do it all at once.
here is your link, click on the box that says Click here to submit to the
2010 Animation Competition

My team is having an issue because we have no idea if it uploaded correctly. We tried it once, then it gave us a page could not be displayed error and sent no e-mail, and now it says that “we cannot submit at this time”. Could one of you teams that has already submitted try to go back to the submission page to see if it says that for you? If it does, then we may be able to assume that it does that when you have already submitted, instead of just locking US out.

My team is trying to submit but we are getting the same message so I believe this is happening for everyone.

Edit: The form appears to be working again.

Ours is working again too, we’re trying to resubmit now.

I was able re-submit ours. (due to not knowing if it succeeded)
If past years are any guidance, you were able to update or re-upload your submissions until the deadline.

The minimal feedback I got was… (only in the status bar)
Waiting for student…
Saving Gallery…

I think it may have worked, but we are not recieving a confirmation e-mail so we have no way of knowing. Is this happening to you guys? Also, is there any other way to tell?