Autodesk VIZ help!!

I am a newbie to autodesk viz and 3ds max. I have been trying to make a simple arena and robot from this years game just to try to get started. I have made the arena and robot. I have a problem with the animation part, heres the scenario, i want to animate the robot to drive straight and then turn left, but whenever i try to do this the robot seems to be turning and going straight at the same time, so what do i need to do in order for the robot to drive straight THEN turn left?

Sounds like you need more specific keyframes (assuming that’s what you’re using, and not Reactor). You have to set keyframes for everything you’re animating, including rotation and direction, for the duration that it’s being animated (otherwise it will remain at the previous keyframe).

By the way, there’s a separate forum for this in the IT/Communications section (3D Animation and Competition).