AutoFlex Autonomous tool Updated

Team 1675 just updated their autonomous programming tool - AutoFlexII…no more messy cables and dangling laptops.

With a couple mods to your code, you basically push a record button on your OI then drive for 15 seconds. Whatever you recorded is what your robot will do during the autonomous mode. The input commands are stored in the RC’s internal EEPROM.

Just go to the practice field, hit the record button, drive up to the rack and score the goal. Now its in memory. Make sure you start from the same position out on the playing field.

Its quick and easy. It takes about 15 minute to integrate into your code and learn to use.

We have modified a version of the default code you can use as an example for modifying your code along with some documentation.

Drop us an email at or stop buy our pit in Atlanta we’ll have you up and runnning in no time. NO EXCUSES for sitting idle during the autonomous period in Atlanta.

Team 1675

PS it also works with VEX…

I’m going to need to try that!

How many parameters does it store?

Is the new code posted anywhere online? We’d like to give it a shot later tonight.

Here are some things I’m curious about:

  • does it store joystick analog values or encoder counts?
  • how many times a second will it store values?
  • is the number of parameters configurable (that is, can you have it store data corresponding to anywhere from 1-4 motors)?

I’m also interested in the way its storing the parameters, how its recording it from the code and other things. Would be great if you could upload the code here so everyone who’s interested can dl it.

Sorry…been away for a bit…Thanks to the 20 or so teams that responded to the email address. I hope you have fun with the program.

To answer a few questions, the program can be configured to store up to 6 inputs (joystick or otherwise). Its saves one frame of data every 100ms (.1 seconds). Its completely time based.

I am reluctant to post it, but willing to email it to anybody who is interested.

Remember this is not a substitute for a well designed behaviour based autonomous routine. But if you run out of development time you can use it to create something that will run during the autonomus period.

Good Luck and see you in Atlanta
Brian Team 1675