Autoloader? Magazine?

Looking through the game manual, I came across a section that seems to explain that we may only carry one singular boulder at any given time. No more than that.

3.4.9 BOULDER Rules
G38 ROBOTS may not control more than one (1) BOULDER at any time.
Violation: FOUL per extra BOULDER

Moving or positioning a BOULDER to gain advantage is considered
Examples include, but are not limited to:
A. “carrying” (holding BOULDERS inside a ROBOT)

So I suppose that means autoloaders/magazines that can hold more than one boulder for a launch system are out of the question?

Well you can only possess one boulder so yea it wouldn’t be possible

Yep. The rules have a really broad definition of “control”, including carrying, herding, trapping, or launching.

Its the same definition of “control” that was given for Aerial Assist.