Automated, Accurate Attendance

So my team is thinking of moving to a fully automated attendance system implemented in Slack (which is basically a professional version of Discord). For now, we have a sign in sheet that a board member takes and manually enters in a spreadsheet. We’re worried that by using Slack, people will attempt the cheat the system so does anyone have foolproof method so that you can only say you are there if you are actually present.

Not in slack, as it is designed not to know/care where people are physically located. However, if you can set up a computer in your build space editing a local spreadsheet or other file, you can have people “check in” there. If you’re worried about people checking off for others, you can simply set up a linux box with individual accounts, and have people “log in and log out” at the beginning and end of each session, and scrape the times from the user logs.

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No clue if this is actually possible, but it might be feasible to develop an Android app that uses the fingerprint sensor to record attendance, and just have everyone swipe their finger at the start of a meeting.
Alternatively, just trust your teammates and team members to act responsibly. If you start to notice people abusing the system (which an active team leader/mentor would notice quickly) then you talk to them and establish rules/guidelines.
To be completely honest, I don’t see the need for strict attendance tracking. Team members get out resources and learning proportional to what they put in.


hmm thanks all

Team 166 uses a sign in program on a computer set up by the door. When people arrive or leave, they scan a QR code. This works for mentors as well, by changing the QR code string slightly. The output CSV is stored in dropbox and synced with certain mentors’ folders. The sign in program has ways to change the branding, though the accompanying Android app doesn’t without rebuilding.

Disclaimer: I wrote the Android app as my first app, there’s probably a lot that’s weird with it.

We use a custom system (the Common Lab Use Clock Kit, or CLUCK) which has a central web server (hosted on a computer in the computer science teacher’s office) written in Kotlin using Spring Boot and a number of Electron/Node based clients—one that can be used to clock in/out (which we have a few of, set up next to doors) and one that displays who is currently in on a monitor overlooking the shop. Everyone’s hours spent (and who is currently in) is uploaded to a google spreadsheet by the central server.

I have developed a Progressive Web Application to keep track of team members hours and more. It enables the use of QR codes (or legacy PINs) to clock in/out. It also can serve as a way to track annual team registration, who paid dues, track STIMS/TIMS all in one place. Furthermore, it can handle event registration where students and mentors can sign up for events (Season, demos, volunteering…) as well as specify time availability, if they can drive, select hotel room…

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