automatic similar threads search

I just noticed posted a new thread on (which runs vbulletin 3.6.8) and noticed that they had an automatic similar threads search, based on the title of the thread.

Right under the title entry, there is the following text “Notice: When you enter a thread title the system will search for similar threads which have already been posted. That should help you to find answers.”

After you’ve entered a title, that text is replaced with a list of similar threads.

I’ve been searching for more information about that feature. I’m not sure if it’s built into vbulletin or if it is a mod.

It doesn’t seem like it would increase server load too much (doing a search each time a new thread is posted) but it might help to reduce the number of redundant threads.

I don’t mind the redundant threads really (not when it’s pretty mellow here, anyway) but just think about how much time might be saved for people who need answers fast…

Found it…


Very cool find, Joe. Once I get back to TX and have some free time (a weekend, probably) I will upgrade us to the newest vBulletin and get that add-on installed.