Automatic Something...

You know how you go to a paid WiFi zone, connect to the router/access point, and upon opening your browser it automatically sends you to the login page to use your subscription or prepaid pass.

What equipment would I need to do this? Basically, when they connect to XYZ network it sends them to the ABC site. Any help is appreciated.

A linux server, basically. As I understand these things, you set up your DHCP server to kick people to a private subnet when they first request an IP, and route all traffic to your particular login webpage. Then when they successfully login/whatever, you put their MAC address in the list that gets a useful IP and renew their IP.

DD-Wrt allows you to do that. I’m running it on my home router, a WRT54G v2, and its great.

DD-Wrt doesn’t run on all routers. You can get a list of supported hardware here.

If I was going to setup another router I’d get a WRT54GL. They’re great little boxes, which are really Linux machines. You can get them from Newegg.

This is called wireless provisioning service. Microsoft server 2003 has documentation and addins to do exactly what your asking about.

I had heard a lot about those. I’ll look into it, we could probably use it at the new shop anyway.

Can someone help me set my WRT54G to redirect any incoming traffic to a specific website. I’m thinking of doing a scouting page, and I want to make it as easy as possible. I have DD-WRT installed on my router. My best guess was to use the HTTP Redirect under the Hotspot tab, but whenever I do this, I cannot connect to the router’s setup page again. I am also using the Apache webserver client on my laptop and using port 85.

Thanks for keeping the unnecessary threads down. That’s pretty much what I’m asking to do, just not that specifically. But if somebody could instruct us on how to do that, it’d be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

By the way, Eric, I went ahead and bought that Linksys router. I usually don’t have good times with Linksys, but everybody says this is a good one. I’ll let you know when I get it in the mail.

Going to throw this out there. . . I have the WRT54GL with the linksys high gains and love totally love it. . I’m running “Firmware: DD-WRT v24 RC-6 (01/02/08) mini”](http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:openAboutWindow%28%29)

Never had a problem with dropping connections even in a college dorm environment where there are 6-7 networks at any one time (Just change the transmitting channel from default 6)

NoCatSplash should be able to do that