Automatically lock threads


Is there interest or even a way that threads could be autolocked after a period of inactivity? Maybe a year or two?

The meta in FRC changes so rapidly that threads from 5 years ago can be out of date and resurrecting them may cause some confusion.



Agreed, especially because Discourse doesn’t seem to care about age when recommending them in the “Suggested Threads” section at the bottom of each page. It can be pretty confusing because you’d expect that those would all be fairly recent.


I used to run a script on vBulletin to lock them after a year or so … looks like maybe that closed/locked status didn’t come across.

Looks like the only automatic closing in Discourse is after a specific # of posts, no time limit that I can see.

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What is the post limit?


It’s not currently set.

@notmattlythgoe found the time based setting, and I’ve updated it to match what it was in the old CD. (1 year without a reply).






This is only showing up for me on recent topics, ones that were created after the setting was changed.

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After some quick googling it appears that it doesn’t retroactively apply the timer to existing threads (seems obvious it should to me). Hopefully Brandon can work his magic and make something happen.


Somebody go post in all the bag day threads to keep them open until we hit bagless 2020 :wink:


That’s weird, my suggested topics are all new stuff. Do you have a lot of topics marked as unread? Check here and press dismiss at the bottom, that should probably fix it. If it doesn’t, try the same thing on the new page.

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On mobile (iPhone) the text “This topic will close a year after the last reply.” is quite large and partially overlaps the bookmark button. Could a CSS fix be applied?

It also seems like the text is superfluous noise if it’s being applied to every thread. Could it just be removed?