Automation Direct Pneumatic Parts



Does anyone have a BOM or picture of the miniature (compact) pneumatic components that were being displayed at the Automation direct booth at Champs for the last few years?

looking to buy some of these parts for the season.

Thank you!


We used the following:

  • PRU14 - Regulator
  • PGU14 - Pressure Gauge
  • HVU14-2 - Shutoff valve
  • FBKT - Mounting brackets
  • TU14 - U tube


Reminder to use the voucher for free parts!


Great list above - those ARE the lightweight parts that we have been showing at champs the past two years.

The two-way shutoff valve shown above (HVU14-2) will trap downstream pressure.

Use the three-way version: HVU14-3 if you desire a shutoff that will DUMP downstream pressure.

Here is a link to the $35 AutomationDirect KOP Voucher instructions - you WILL need these instructions :wink:


I seem to recall you guys were promoting a set of lightweight solenoids at champs as well. Any information available for those? Weight, cost, and availability are the biggest issues I’ve had with pneumatic solenoids in the past so another option would be nice.

  • Here are those solenoid valves (4-way – for double-acting cylinders) – super-lightweight, high flow (0.8 Cv), and 1/4″ tubing push connects are built-in. In 12VDC and 24VDC operation.


Is there a link to common things FRC teams will find useful like there was last year?


Yes, we have a list of popular parts on our voucher instructions page here (same as last year). Scroll down past the instructions for the list.


Here is a video that show these parts and the links to each part can be found in the description, along with links to use your team voucher.


The Nitra pneumatic offerings are lightweight and cost-effective. The smaller bore cylinders are going to be very useful to us this year! And we’ve used numerous photoelectric and proximity sensors over the years with excellent success.

Highly recommended to all.