Automattic Controls

For our control board my team is looking at having only four buttons, and each of those buttons would translate into a common spot for picking or placing tubes. We are also planning a small toggle switch so the position of the tube controller can be moved slightly off the presets.

Do you think this is enough to control the vertical effects of an arm or do we need a manual override so that the arm can be moved to any point by a human?

If you are relying on potentiometer feedback or some other kind of sensor for closed loop control of your arm’s position, always remember, these devices can fail (or get ripped off your bot if they aren’t properly protected). It’s always a good idea to have a manual method to control your arm in case your automatic methods malfunction.

Potentiameters do slip which would move all of your presets to different positions, so its a good idea to have a manual overide.
Like last year we had auto fire mode that was all sensors and then a manual mode that was all human. But you can also mix it up with a sem-auto that uses sensors to get everything in place and then the human makes the final moves.

Always have an override, always, like said before, if there are any failures, youll never regret having backups

We had “Boot into Safe Mode” last year that shut off the camera and all the sensors. :smiley:

We plan to have a switch for manual and auto control. Its always nice to have a manual incase you need it.