Automotive X-Prize

Interesting article about the new X-Prize competition to build a car that gets at least 100mpg. Two classes, one for 4 seat/ 4 wheel versions, and one for 2 seats with no wheel requirement. All entries must be production ready.

gallon of what? im shure a gallon of liquified hydrogen could get me further than a gallon of hemp oil

I was just looking through their draft rules, and it sounds like Tesla Motors could enter their Roadster right now without much additional effort in the Alternative class. Their Roadster already has the equivalent of 135 MPG, a top speed of 130+ mph, and a range of 250 miles, and is currently set to begin production this year.

IF you go to the xprize web page they say 100 miles per gallon or its equivalent.

I wish I had more of a chemistry oriented mind, rather than a mechanical one. I think that enlies the problem, trying to find the perfect fuel that is cheap but also economical and efficient. Now I wonder if the rules will allow for a higher fuel consumption if accelerating, because it would seem plausible to get 100mpg after reaching cruising speeds. If I was to enter this, I would investigate the route cylinder shut-down, and fuel thinning. Maybe look into the use of bio-deisel, and seeing what you can do to common waste products to make them effiecient.

I wish I was more talented than I am.

I rember reading in articals before this draft came out that price was going to be a huge factor. If that is true teslamotors would have to lower the price by 60,000 or so. We will have to wait and see when all the rules come out.

/me wonders where my old school project in the club I was President & VP of is sitting right about now.

It would get the prize hands down. :slight_smile: Good times.

And we have a winner(s)!

See this article in Machine Design:

PS: On a separate note, I also like the annual, sort-of thick “Suppliers Guide” issue Machine Design sends me.