Automous code

can sume one give to our team a Automous code pls

i asking from all teams pls help to our team

I am going to strongly suggest that you watch Tip Jar Video # 8.

Actually, I suggest that you start with number 5 and watch them in sequence.



what we tride to do dont work thas way we ask :mad:

See this thread:
It has both Labview and C++ code for general use.

Please post what you tried and someone will look at it and comment.

This is a problem NI is having with alot of teams [at least where I was at FRL]

the problem I dont think is your code but rather, that you need to Build your code first after every change. However if I misunderstood your problem or if I’m incorrect, then simply write a random drive will work. Tell your robot to move forward with a SetTime vi and a while loop and report your results here.