Auton Points Maximum

What is the maximum number of points you can score in the autonomous period?

A single robot? 36
An alliance? 40


If two of the robots on your alliance don’t show up to the match, then the ROBOT SET requirement are adjusted so that one robot can score the whole 40 points.

Container set (8), yellow tote stack (20), auto zone robot set (4).

28 (single robot), 32 (alliance)

To clarify for those too lazy to read the Q&A, the manual has been updated to only allow one (1) Container Set during auto, even if 6 or more recycling containers are scored.

The most amount of points a single robot can score in auto is 28. 20 points for the stack set and 8 points for the container set. An entire alliance could theoretically score 40 points. 20 points for the stack set, 8 points for the container set, 4 points for the robot set, and another 8 points for a second container set. There is nowhere in the rules that says that you can not have two container sets. This would require a robot to grab 3 containers from the step and place them in the auto zone. I think that this score combination with be very rare and may only be seen in St. Louis.

The bold part is incorrect, per QA23, and the Manual is updated to reflect this. This message brought to you by your friendly neighborhood rules-reminder-person.

I did not see that rule update. Thanks for correcting me. Then the maximum amount of points a single alliance could score would be 32.

Either way there is definitely a heavy concentration in points in the autonomous period. It will be interesting to see the number of autonomous each team brings to the regional.