Auton Programs Acting Up on Field

My team is using C++ to program and we have a SmartDashboard that is used through the Driver Station to see our limit switch value, see the camera, and choose between the three different auton programs that we have. The programs were: Do Nothing, Move for 2 Seconds, and Move for 3 Seconds. We had problems with our robot not moving in auton while out on the field sometimes when we ran the 3 second program, but two seconds always worked. We then took our camera out and the three second program started working and the two second program stopped working. Whenever we tried it in the pits or at home with the practice bot, we didn’t have a problem. Only on the competition field did the problem arise. Any thoughts on what the problem is and how to fix it?

Was Tony working with you guys? You’re not anywhere on my request list…

Anyway, from a outside perspective, it sounds more like an isolated incident issue than a guaranteed “the auton DEFINITELY does not work when x variables are set” when you onlye had a match or 2 with e.g. camera on, 2 sec auton.

Work with your CSA at Marysville during the practice matches to get the issue resolved. What I’d recommend is throwing trace messages everywhere (in auton selection, case switching, the autons themselves, and the drive train calls) and getting on the practice match and testing out whats happening. I can’t say "x is the source of your issue’ without having the code in front of me.