Auton Rules

I can’t find this in the rules anywhere. But does the ENTIRE recycle container (trash can) or yellow tote or robot have to be in the AUTO zone after Auton ends? Also would it be legal for the robot to have in their possession the yellow tote as Auton ends?

Yes the entire container has to be in the zone, and no that would not be legal.

Could you quote the manual? How is this not legal?

*A TOTE SET exists if all three (3) Yellow TOTES from an ALLIANCE are fully contained by the AUTO ZONE, but do not meet the
requirements of a STACKED TOTE SET, at the end of AUTO.
A CONTAINER SET exists if any three (3) RECYCLING CONTAINERS are fully contained by the AUTO ZONE at the end of AUTO.
A STACKED TOTE SET exists if all three (3) Yellow TOTES from an ALLIANCE are arranged such that, at the end of AUTO:
A. .the Yellow TOTES are stacked one on top of another in a single column,
B. only the bottom-most Yellow TOTE is in contact with the AUTO ZONE,
C. the entire structure is fully contained by the AUTO ZONE, and
D. the entire structure is free of contact from ROBOTS

I believe it would be a legal TOTE SET if the totes were being possessed by a robot. It would not be a legal TOTE STACK.

“Legal” and “scoring” are two different things. There are no rules prohibiting assembling totes in a non-scoring stack.

Right, i agree. But what I’m saying is that TomBuchler didn’t specify set or stack, so MrTechCenter’s answer of “no it isn’t legal” is not correct. Nothing says you can’t just be holding it… right?

Right, it is perfectly legal to be holding a yellow tote at the end of auto.

I was using the terms interchangeably. It all comes down to what the meaning of " contained by" is.

What I’m saying is that you won’t be penalized for creating non-scoring stack.

If the term " contained by" means “supported by the floor”, then you would not receive points. I don’t see that anywhere.

I haven’t seen any penalties for holding the tote at the end of auto. Seems unlikely.

Right, I was assuming he was referring to a stack in which case holding the crate would not score.

Thanks guys. My idea was to possess the yellow tote in the bot. (IE. Not STACKED on the floor or in the bot.). And after AUTON is done, immediate transport the yellow tote to the table. Hence this would save valuable seconds of trying to pick up the tote again and transporting it to the table. I don’t see too many teams trying to do a stackable tote auton, in my opinion.

I see where you have an option to not have all the yellow totes on the field at the start of the match…I can only see two potential advantages to this (both rather insignificant) - 1. keeping the setup a bit clearer without them in the way, 2. Possibly loading them (Human Player) directly into a mechanism for the coopertition stack. With the loss of autonomous tote set, or tote stack points being the tradeoff. Am I missing something? Personally, I’d love to have the containers out of the way - but not the totes.