Auton to tele-op delay

At our last regional, we saw about a 5 second delay from when tele-op should have started. We are using iterative robot, but have not changed the file, and there is no delay coded into autonomousPeriodic(). Can anyone give suggestions to what could be the cause of this issue? This seems to be the same issue that some teams using Labview are also having.

The problem is almost certainly in your code.

By any chance, do you instantiate a new Gyro object in your TeleopInit function?

There may be a loop that starts in teleopinit that causes teleopinit to stay in that state until the loop is completed.

Check under 1 of the menus of the DS. There should be a set of fields to change the Autonomous period, Teleop period, End-game period, and I believe there is also a Delay field. See if that is set to 5 seconds.