Autonamous Award submission

Can someone clearefy what is the meaning of:

“A continuous single shot, of the ROBOT performing an
autonomous routine”

Like some kind of a oneshot take?
Plus, can i film more than one sequence?

Ofek Harel.
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The submission form only has a space for a single video file

The way I’m interpreting this is that they want to avoid an edited compilation of short autonomous actions. Something like a couple seconds of movement, cutting to a couple seconds of shooting, and maybe cutting to a couple seconds of movement in another round or another practice session, etc.

I think the idea of a continuous single shot is that they would like to see a full 15-second auto routine from IR competition or practice presented as one unedited take. It could also be something like a full run of one of the IRAH AutoNav paths, like 11 seconds of unedited video running the Barrel Racing circuit.

The question I have, and I assume many others do as well, is what to do with the rest of the 3 minutes that the video is allowed to be. I suppose if you can program a single 3 minute auto routine, you could submit a continuous single take of that, but I assume few, if any, are going there.

I think we are going to start our video with a continuous single shot of a competition auto routine to meet the clear requirement of the rules. We are then going to include additional autonomous and automated routines showing different capabilities. These will follow a title block indicating that they are for optional viewing by judges. It seems like a tremendous waste to have 3 minutes to show your autonomous capability and a rule that says all you are supposed to submit is a continuous single shot of an autonomous routine.

I know…
But can a single video file contain a several auto sequences?
Do they require for the single video file to be filmed at a oneshot style?

This might help.
Q70 Can an autonomous routine contain more than a single demonstration?]

In Team Update 06 it was stated that “a video, consisting of a continuous single shot, of the ROBOT performing an autonomous routine”. Can an autonomous routine contain more than a single demonstration in the same shot? For example, 3 different galactic search paths, or more than one AutoNav paths.
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There’s no formal definition of “routine,” however the term was used assuming that a team would not include multiple challenge attempts in a single autonomous routine. The video may be of the ROBOT’S traditional autonomous routine for INFINITE RECHARGE or an autonomous routine from one of the Skills Competitions. If you have additional routines that you’d like Judges to see, consider sharing that additional content during your interview.

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