was there anything in the rules this year about using autonomous during hybrid period?

Why yes, there are quite a few rules…

You’re going to have to elaborate on that question…

can we have the robot autonomously score during hybrid period

Like in Overdrive, The first 15 seconds have been renamed - it’s “Hybrid”, not “Autonomous”. Like in Overdrive, you have the option of assisting your robot, this time through the use of the Kinect (in over drive, it was with an RF remote), but you are not required to do so.

Read section 3.1.3 for more specific details on the Hybrid period.

Yes. Think of it just as previous years. The only difference is that there is an added electronic input (your human player utilizing the Kinect).

ok i saw nothing saying that the robot cannot independantly score while another team uses the kinect. Thank You.

Your robot can score autonomously at any point between the start and finish of the match.