Autonomous... Again

Speaking as someone who, through countless tutorials and trials, still fails to grasp the basic understanding of autonomous programming, what are my very very basic steps needed to program autonomously? What are the bases that I need to know in order to program simple operations, and how would I format this?

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Does this style make any sense to you?
It’s called a flat sequence structure.
Everything within a box gets completed before moving on to the next box.

It depends on what you are planning to do in autonomous. If you are looking simply for a simple hard-coded autonomous period, the above post is what you’re looking for. If you’re wanting a less rigid format such as being able to record a session, then it gets much harder.

The basic idea behind autonomous is to let the code do what the joysticks or user controls do in TeleOp. If you have a certain button that, say, turns on a window motor, in autonomous you either have to set up a condition that the computer can determine without the joystick or a time period for which it should run. It’s hard to explain further examples without getting too detailed.