Autonomous and Teleoperated


I have a question in regards to switching between teleoperated and autonomous modes of the code. In other words how exactly does teleoperated/autonomous period work? Will there be a template that all of the teams will have to use in order to switch between the two periods or maybe will the teleoperated/autonomous button be used? Is there a VI/template that can help us with this task in LABVIEW at the moment?

So many question… if possible please respond asap

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the competition port will alow the feild controller to set the bots into auto or teleop.

i’m not a coder though, so i can’t help more than saying that the switch is controlled by the feild competition port.


Got it, Thank you. However, does anyone know how the field controller will distinguish the autnomous code vs. the teleoperated code?


for our team its just a flip of the switch. but idk about the programming for it

With the release of FMS Light, you can use it to shift the DS from autonomous to teleop from a remote PC. As far as differentiating the autonomous and teleop code in your MDC, I’m not sure, but the FMS light will at least let you shift between them as it will be done at the regionals.

FMS Light is on the FIRST FRC Control System pageat the bottom.

Thank you for your responses, FMS Light looks great, i’ll look into that. After searching the internet and related posts I have come across my answer.

Thanks again, the help was much appreciated,


The FRC version of LabView comes with two “robot templates” - a basic one, and advanced one. Both will work with the FMS (I can’t see how you could get a robot to work without either templates, but I guess its possible).

You can get to these templates by clicking on “New FRC Robot Project” from the splashscreen.

Hope this helps.


That is exactly what I was doing for the past 3-4 weeks so it is magically possible… However I just discovered the frameworks a couple of hours ago (i have absolutely no idea how I missed this…) and am currently transferring my written code into the template.

Thank you for your response


How do you set up FMS Light with your robot after you download it? Is there a diagram for the hardware required?