Autonomous Assist

Say it’s ~3-4 seconds after the start of the match. One red robot(referred to as Robot A) has moved to the red zone and already shot its ball. Another red robot(referred to as Robot B) is still in the white zone.

If Robot B moves to the white zone, gives the bot to Robot A, then Robot A scores, this is an assist, according to the rules(since Robot B had it in white, then transferred it to Robot A in red). This whole process occurs during the 10 second autonomous period.

Given this example, would this count as an assist and be given points? Are assists allowed during the 10 second autonomous period?

EDIT: According to this:
This goal involves 2 Robots in 2 Zones, meaning it is a 2-Assist, meaning it should give an additional 10 points.
If you were to assign each team a zone for the assist, Robot B could be assigned to white and Robot A could be assigned to red, since it did not go back to white during the assist.

This would not be an assist because the balls you start with in autonomous have not left the pedestal and are therefore not part of a CYCLE.

ALLIANCEs earn one bonus for each BALL SCORED in a GOAL based on the number of ASSISTS in that CYCLE.

CYCLE: the series of events that recur regularly, and each CYCLE begins with an ALLIANCE’S BALL being retrieved from the PEDESTAL and ends when a BALL is SCORED in a GOAL.

If you consider the autonomous balls to not be part of the cycle(which the manual says they aren’t), then you can score no points in autonomous.

“Points are awarded once per CYCLE for BALLS SCORED by ROBOTS in the GOALS, BALLS SCORED by ROBOTS over the TRUSS, and for each ROBOT CATCH.”

Autonomous is not a cycle, therefore, no points can ever be scored with the three balls that start on the field, the way I’m interpreting the manual.

It is unclear if you can

  1. Score truss points in auto
  2. Score assist points in auto
  3. Score catch points in auto
  4. Score goal points in teleop with an auto ball
  5. Score teleop truss points with auto ball
  6. Score teleop catch points with auto ball
  7. Score teleop assist points with auto ball

If that is not clear. You can look at the scoring matrix in the rules. No points for assists in autonomous .

Practically speaking, you should all know that they’re not going to count ASSIST points in Auton. How on earth would that work? If there’s three balls on the field, do you count possession and ASSISTs for each ball individually? There’s no way they could practically keep track of that. For all the balls collectively? Then you game the system by having a robot drive forward possessing a ball, earning you two ASSISTs for the two goals scored from the white zone.

Either option is pretty ridiculous, therefore I’m pretty certain that you can’t score any ASSIST bonus points with the Auton balls because they’re not part of a CYCLE.