Autonomous Capping Regionals

Everthing is becoming very disorganized in this forum… or atleast it seems.
Has anyone capped yet? Who? Where? HOw did they do it? tell tell
two teams went into this weekend very cocky that they were going to do so… and I havn’t heard anything… very disappointed? any word anybody? Much appreciated thx =)

I personally saw 2 different robots at the Florida regional that could cap in autonomous mode, but it was always the short goals, and they had started with a tetra. I don’t specifically remember the team numbers right now, but I could look at the scouting information tomorrow. One of those teams has successfully capped the tetra in their arm, and then knocked down the interior magnet tetra, which they did every single match.

Let me correct this~ Has any team capped a VISION tetra in autonomous.

Well… no. But I did see team 957 (I think) and 56 cap with the starter on the goal without moving. It didn’t seem like a great feat when designing the bot, but it really paid off for them. It’s what got 957 into the finals.

No. The only team that has come close was 237. They were able to pick up the vision tetra, and hold it directly over the center goal.

That’s actually incorrect~ there was a team at peachtree that pick ed up went to the center goal and dropped… 2 inches from its mark… I don’t know if anybody else posted on this~ but that’s the closest I’ve seen

We were probably just as close…
Some team capped at the Great Lakes

I heard the announcers say at Great Lakes that 66 did cap a vision tetra. That would have been on Thursday or Friday. I was there on Friday and they came close a couple of times as I was watching. I didn’t see it happen. And hearing the announcers say it doesn’t make it so. If it did happen at Great Lakes is would have been 66 that did it. Any eye witnesses?

286 was pretty close … they got the vision tetra… but did not cap it

It was 973. I picked them. :wink:

I’m an eye witness to 66’s cap. Great job done by the programmers for their bot. They only did it once, but on several occassions they were very close. I think by their next comp they’ll have it mastered.

Again, great job progammers of team 66.

Yep, They capped it during the quarter/semi/finals round consistantly.

we cap but not the green or starting one

Thanks for the compliment. As a programmer on the team I have to admit one thing about our autonomous, nothing is absolute. The favorable conditions, if looked at on some sort of chart, are a bit narrow. Otherwise, the 'bot will be able to pick it up, but either 1. Stop or 2. Cause several people in the crowd to lose their patience, gasp, and make funny movements towards the bot as it tries to cap the goal but fails. :smiley:

I’m very pleased at how it turned out nontheless. It’s the first year our team’s had a grasp of the mode. Our next regional is West Michigan, and we sure hope we can find a way to make it work 110% of the time.

at ucf voltage got really close to scoring the center with a vision :eek: but it missed it ever so slightly everytime

MOE continually capped, and dehanged in auton at Pittsburgh. Watch out for these guys in the future.