Autonomous Code

Here is my autonomous code I printscreened the part below photosensor code.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!!!](

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Servo is for our grabber to hold tubes and it has to be closed till we hang the tube.

Arm and Arm2 controls the window motors which controls the arm. The arm has to go up to reach third peg.

Elevator is for the lifting mechanism on our robot. It also has to go up to reach third peg.

I see nothing that times or creates order in this code; all of this will execute at once. I recommend a case structure, perhaps for loops inside for timing unless you have something in there already.

I am not really familiar to Labview at all. I started learning it a month ago.

Can you please send a diagram because I cant really understand what you mean!

Attached is a sequence structure. As you can see, this one has 3 panels. Whatever is in the left panel is executed first, up to whatever is in the right panel. You can put parts of your code in these.

The trick is that you need to find some way to stop the code from continually executing one panel of the sequence structure with some kind of timing.

If you wish to add more frames, right click the border and select “add frame after”. If you wish to remove a panel, select “remove this frame” while right clicking the border of the unwanted panel.

Hope that helps! (4.35 KB) (4.35 KB)

Thank you very much!!!