Autonomous consistency at competition

Hello again FIRST community!

I am posting today with a weird behavior our robot had at competition. FIRST Team 5804 competed at CHS District Greater DC Event #4 Day 2 this weekend and our robot was driving in autonomous pretty much how we’d expect the first 5 matches of the day. Then the next three matches autonomous did not follow the intended path and ended up veering off in the wrong direction. See the difference between matches 13 and 14.

There was no major code change in between these matches. Our robot has a swerve drive base with MK3’s for our swerve modules, and PathPlanner 2.0 with the PPSwerveControllerCommand for autonomous. Here is our codebase for reference: Has anyone seen behavior like this before or have any idea as to what happened to cause this issue? We reverted to our simple autonomous for the rest of the competition, but we want to get to the root of this problem.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

A few things you can check since there was no code change

  • Check every encoder on the drive to ensure they are giving proper values
  • Check Gyro if you use it
  • Check with mechanical if they changed wheel diameter between matches (changing the tread can increase this and throw off your path
  • If auto uses the limelight then verify that there was no change there between matches
  • Check wiring to see if there is a broken wire or a short that is causing values to be wrong

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