Autonomous Defense

According to §4.4.1, all robots must start the match intersecting the INITIATION LINE. That means that at least some part of the robot must be outside of your opponents’ SECTOR.


Now G3 is supposed to prevent defense in autonomous. But it only forbids the defending robot from crossing into their SECTOR.


That means that a robot that lines up opposite a top scorer and runs screaming across the field at the start of the match could theoretically collide with their opponent before the opponent moves or shoots. So your starting location is not truly protected in auto, unlike in a lot of years. Thoughts?


I mean, if you can sprint across 40 feet before the opponent moves 1 foot, and then screech to a stop while hitting them without even breaking the plane of the line, I think you earned whatever shot you disrupted.


The way I’m reading it is that a robot on both sides can’t break their own alliance’s sector line or the opponent’s, but maybe I’m just reading it wrong.

I don’t think it will play much of a role until championship level, when teams might have auto routines that cross the field.

that just doesnt make logical sense, as you basically start inside of your opponents sector, and are allowed around it to score

Yes, but I don’t think you’re allowed to fully leave the sector. If that makes more sense.

you just cant go into your own sector, it says nothing about the rest of the field

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Autonomous defense will be present this season, just not in the form described by the OP. Consider where balls start the match, and what areas of the field are not protected. Consider the increasing frequency of scoring additional game pieces beyond your starting allocation in autonomous. Consider the types of autonomous routines that were employed in 2012, 2013, and 2016.

Challenge accepted :sunglasses:

Okay, probably not really. But there’s a large part of me that wants to employ all of 1712’s relevant expertise in these fields (autonomous pathing, sprint optimizations) to making this task possible.

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