Autonomous Help?

With New York Regionals Next Friday, im trying to cram a load of work before saturday
we got our teleop all setup but we gotta program encoders for autonomous. any body willing to help us on a more detailed and able to describe or “dumb down” certain things?
I understand we have to use state machines.
Thanks in Advance

Not necessarily. It depends on what you want the robot to do.

Our autonomous mode drives forward, turning on and off the ball magnet roller, arming the kicker, and kicking, multiple times, in a specific sequence at specific locations on the field. It uses only the wheel encoder values to control what it does, by turning the encoder counts into a number of inches and feeding the inch value into a case structure.

What sequence of events do you want your robot to follow, and how do you want to meter that sequence?

well our idea for autonomous is drive forward; crab to the left; pull back kicker with a supershifter with a piston to switch to neutral and regular; then kick when the piston releases and repeat. thanks in advance!

Maybe my phrasing (“how do you want to meter that sequence?”) was unclear. I was asking what you want to use as an indication that it’s time to move to the next step. Do you have wheel encoders that can tell you how far you’ve driven, and can you use that distance to decide what to do next? Are there sensors that let you know when the kicker is pulled back an appropriate amount? Do you just want to rely on elapsed time?

A simple flat sequence in Autonomous Independent might be the easiest solution, with each frame doing one step of your autonomous process and waiting for the right condition before letting it move to the next frame.