Autonomous Help

Below post hass my autonomous. Our robot currently does not have any sensors on it, is that the reason the driving only lasts a couple seconds? Onto my next thing, I want it to Raise the arm for 2 seconds(which works) but then nothing will happen. I want it so that after 8 seconds have passed, the arm will lower for 2 seconds and then I want the solenoid to open and the robot to drive backwards for two seconds. Is there some hidden terminal I’m missing or something?

Here is my autonomous.

Autonomous (38 KB)

Autonomous (38 KB)

By the time your added code runs, the timer is well past 8 seconds. You need a different way of timing your code. (If the “Delay and Feed” vi were still useful this year, I’d show you something easy to do, but the new motor safeties keep it from working.)

Earlier today, I posted here with a VI called Delay and Update. It works very similar to the Delay and Feed from last year. If you want to use this for RobotDrive, a similar Delay and Update can be built.

Greg McKaskle