Autonomous Help?

I’m new in programming and would like to have at least a simple turn and shoot autonomous before this saturday. I have been working on programming the bot the past two months and semi know what I’m doing now. I just have no clue where to begin with autonomous. I look at examples and it looks extremely complicated. Could someone walk me through the steps of programming an autonomous or give very simple examples.
I’m trying to program with commands and I’m using talon encoders. Any and all help is appreciated!!

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For 6911’s autonomous, we use the NavX to calculate rotation and the Talons to calculate distance. I’ll link some of our autonomous code from last year below. The most complicated part of this is probably the PID loop that is needed to keep the robot driving straight. We created a function to turn and a function to go straight a certain distance and then called them to create separate paths.

Our drive command:

Our drive a specific distance command:

Our rotate a specific distance command:

How they’re integrated together:

Hi Dominic!

I see you’re in Terrell, Texas - Teams 1296 and 3310 are not too far from you and would be great resources if you can find a way to hook up with them. @wireties is on 1296 and could be a point of contact. The most active 3310 member I can think of is @JohnSchneider. The Dallas area is pretty team-dense in general so there are a lot of local teams you can reach out to. IRL help is almost always the best form of help and I’m sure there are a few Dallas teams willing to help you out.

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Indeed! Give us a shout! I’m not a Java guy but I’ll bet between us and 3310’s folks (who use Java) we can get you there.

Hi Katie! We miss you! … and Alex! … and Aren!

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I will also tag @Brian_Selle as he is our software guru and might be able to give you a pointer to get you moving! I hope all is well and looking forward to seeing your team at Greenville this weekend!

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