autonomous help

does anyone have code to make the autonomous code to turn on and off with a switch hooked up to the tether port of the board???

You don’t need to program anything- determining if you’re in autonomous or not, is determined by the oi’s competition port. You’ll have to make an autonomous switch. A diagram of the competition port can be found here:

Or you could just buy one from andymark:

To compliment what eaglesfan said - if you make one of those switches, then you’ll be certain that your autonomous mode will run properly during the competition, since that is how they control what state every robot is in when it’s competing.

We have one of the dongle switches, and pins 5 and 8 are defiantly connected, yet we still can not initiate autonomous mode. I don’t have the code in front of me, but our programmer (he is new) tells me that the auton. declaration section is right. Can any one help?:confused:

You shouldn’t have to touch the code to get the switch to work. It should work by default. Make sure your switch connects 5 to ground in one position, 8 to ground in another, and doesn’t connect anything in regular mode. For example, on a 3 state switch, you’d have 5 on the top, 8 on the bottom, and ground on the middle. Use a meter to make sure you switch is working too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and double check the pinout. I fried the OI last year setting up the atonomous switch. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the same switch we have used for years, so that can’t be the problem. Something on the OI or code must be set wrong, but I’m not sure what. Driver mode and disable work fine though. The RC mode reads blinking yellow (meaning auton.) but acts like it is in disabled mode even though there is “valid” code under the auton section.

There’s a thread about it here and probably others exist.

We’re always willing to help out and answer questions, but it really helps if you search before you post.

What does there is “valid” code under the auton section mean? Show us this code so we have something on which to base our advice.

That blinking yellow indicator on the OI therefore means “invalid auton code.” :eek: