Autonomous impact on defenses/tower

From what I read so far, crossing a defense in auto will decrease its “Health” by 1? Does this also apply to boulders shot in the tower during that period?

Please correct me if i’m wrong

That was also what I gathered, but I am still a bit fuzzy on everything (though I have read through the manual 3 times already)

Crossing defenses a second time during auto doesn’t count. Other than that, I don’t think there are any restrictions on “health decrease” during auto.

Would it be a fair interpretation of your quote to say… Crossing a defense as second time with the same robot doesn’t count. But two different robots could cross and reduce the defense to 0 during autonomous.

Absolutely, if two robots some how coordinate to cross through the same defense in auto it would be destroyed. However based on the layout of where u must start in auto that will be rather hard and I think you will Rarely see this happen until high levels of play with elims. What I think its also important to note (just for the sake of providing more details) that due to the wording of the crossing in auto section (around 3.1.1 I think?) that once you complete the crossing of the defense you take 1 health from it and get 10 points, and from that point on cannot Reach or Cross the outerworks again (in auto) for points or damage to the health. This means that once you cross and gain those 10 points the only other thing that will get you more points is to score a ball.

Yes this includes those extra 2 pts many people think you get for backing up to the outworks for the reach points in the end.

In the Game Manual it states

Each TOWER starts the MATCH with eight (8) STRENGTH. Each BOULDER scored in a GOAL decreases

the TOWER’S STRENGTH by one (1). A TOWER is WEAKENED if the TOWER’S STRENGTH is at or

below zero (0). The STRENGTH of a TOWER is indicated by TOWER lighting as described in Section


From this I would say that any boulders scored in the tower during auton would definitely count towards decreasing the strength. the same goes with the defenses strength during auton except for the following scenario in the manual

ROBOTS can also receive AUTO points for REACHING a DEFENSE. A DEFENSE is REACHED when,

at the end of the AUTO period, any part of a ROBOT’s BUMPERS are within the opponent’s OUTER


REACHES or CROSSES during the AUTO period will not decrease DEFENSE STRENGTH nor contribute

points to the ALLIANCE.

I think it’s all clear for everyone now! Thanks for the replies!