Autonomous in Championship

Hi, I am a brazilian mentor of #1860 team and, i would like to know the teams that are scoring in autonomous mode and it will participate of the championship… If possible, post the some link with a video… I think that is important to know the robots better. Thank you by everything, mainly by the support to the Brazilian teams every year.

PS - our autonomous:

1038 will be attempting to keep our string of pretty successful autons alive in Atlanta. I don’t have a video, but I have a few pics of our set up and the end result.

Auton set:

Auton score:

648 will be scoring in autonomous at the championship, and hopefully trying a more complex “secret” autonomous mode.
Here is the link to a few of our autonomous scoring matches
check out qf1m3, and sf1m1 and sf1m3. For a laugh, check out fm3, and il_019
good luck at the championship
Malhon Godwin


Imagine an alliance with three robots that scores in autonomous. You start the match with 2^3 points.

It´s craaaaazy…

and… millhouse, i’m trying to watch your videos… i’m curious!

In the eliminations at Buckeye, we had two that could score well in auton, 1038 and Sparx… We tried to do a double auton hang on the same column (top and middle legs) twice… didn’t work real well due to interference between the robots and the rack. If you could time it right, it would be way cool. As it was, the place went nuts when both robots took off towards the same target.

Yeah, it was awesome. In Q4-2 Sparx scored auton on the middle and we missed the top, and in Q4-3 Sparx missed the middle and we scored the top. It was great to see.

Hey dan…

This problem we obtain to solve. After the competition, we change the programming in order it scores in an spider leg without target. :smiley:

It would be surreal if it happened this in atlanta.


Man… omni wheels is nice…

and your autonomous is very effective, but, it can put in lower leg?

116 scoring in Auto

1114 and 67 scoring over each other
Simbots and HOT do it again

How many teams are going to try to score on the leg NOT directly in front of them? We’re using a gyro and encoder to give us the option of a side score, but I haven’t seen anyone successfully do it yet.


We use encoder and gyro too, but when we start to test the correction of angle, the gyro did not function very well, then we decide to use the camera for give us feedeback. In this way we obtain to score of any initial position.


it´s wonderfull… omg!!!

but would be better score in the line ^^…

237 will be scoring in autonomous at Atlanta.

Testing my signature… :rolleyes:

330 managed to do that once. Dead reckoning works sometimes (in quals and eliminations, I’ve seen 3 from us in two regionals, plus a bunch of near misses).

Somebody saw in some regional a robot that scored in spider leg without target? :confused:

Yes. A few teams have done it, including 116 and 330. Granted both of these teams weren’t using their camera for their autonomous when they scored. The video I posted of 116 scoring earlier actually shows us doing it.

I had not repaired that you placed in spider without target. But congratulations man, it´s ‘so crazy’, how we used to say in Brazil.:smiley:

These prizes only emphasize the great mind that is behind all this work.
And I own a lot from what I am today, because of this mind ^^
I belive you know what i’m talking about!