Autonomous Independent vi question #2,3,4

The first case statement in the while loop (Straight,Right,Left) will be set to Straight if the DS switch are set to 2 or 3. That will allow a two sec delay before generating a true for the next case statement (0,1,7,default) only when it’s in the 7 state (Determined by (TTT) on the three line sensors. So if that occurs then the robot stops and the while loop is exited. Then we add code after the while loop to place the tube on a post.
If we entered Right or left on the drivers switches we are given 4 seconds delay before we can shut down the robot motors at the State 7. of the next case statement. This allows the robot to have passed the Y turn ( which might generate a State 7 indication). So we need to make sure the robot passes that Y before 4 seconds are up. And in any case the while loop will shut down the robot motors after 8 seconds. Does this sound about right?

Are the values on the autonomous VI front panel the values in the Power Profile array?
Also are the drivers station switches set when they show Green?
Thanks for your time