Autonomous is not working!

We’re in a bit of distress due to the fact that our Autonomous isn’t working. Every time we change the code, the robot just jerks forward and stops moving. I’ve tried several different things but they all do the same thing-- it jerks forward about an inch and then completely stops. We’ve tried while loops, flat sequence, tried changing the times for the timers and the numbers for the motors and even tried the default code it gave us to begin with.
Here’s the current code:

Any ideas as to what we’re doing wrong? Any help is very much appreciated!

After loading your code into LabVIEW and seeing that the default case does not reset the motors, but sets them once and waits 10 secs, I suspect the issue is that it is always running the default.
If you are using the run from main method, you could probe the something in that case before running; then - once enabled - see if the probe is updated to confirm this.

The Alternative 2 case should work, with the exception that valid inputs are -1 to 1. So, if the first test shows that the case selector is working, try changing those values and running Alternative 2.

Finally, if you are running from main (i.e. not building and deploying or running as startup), then if there are changes made to the auto code to the point it wants to save the vi (the asterisk appears in the window title), then you will need to stop main and rerun it.

Thank you so much! Our autonomous is working beautifully now. Thank you thank you thank you!!!