Autonomous mode field specs

What I’m looking for is a detailed, preferrably overhead view of the Autonomous mode field. Hopefully I can find one with measurements, and detailed views so we can start mapping out autonomous mode strategies before we even recieve our vex programming kit.


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In the 63 page Field Assembly Manual document ( posted on the VexLabs website, I think that you will probably find all the views and measurements that you need. They also have posted an Overview document, a field bill of materials, and suggestions on constructing a low-cost field ( VexLabs ( is part of IFI, and is a sponsor of the FVC competition. They source parts kits for folks building their own competition field, as well as competition-legal Vex robot components. Highly recommended!

Right on…all of your answers are there. Please continue to use this page as home base as all links follow from there: