Autonomous Mode HELP!

I need Help on Autonomous mode how can i make the Camera Search for the green light instead of just locking it and following it:confused:

Thanks In Advane:]

Is the camera not searching for the light or does it only search for a short amount of time then lock on? The default camera code I believe will automatically make the camera search until it finds the light.


Now, i am sorta of confused by your question. Do you want the robot to turn left, right, etc. to allow the camera to find the target? or Do you want the camera to move towards the target it has found?

uhh…heh, that’s quite a confusing question. I think what you want to ask is how to stop it from searching. If not, the camera has a built in(in Kevni’s Code of course)code to make the camera search the light till it finds it(or the RC looses it’s battery power). It will allways search as long as the functions Camera_Handler() and Servo_Tracking()* are called upon in the Proccesor function in User_Routines.c or after the Getdata(&rxdata) line in the User_Autonomous() function in User_Routines_Fast.c .

Please try to think and tell us what exactly you want the camera to do and then we can help you more. :)*

Jesus, if you turn the light off, or block the camera with your body, a properly functioning system would go into search mode, with the servos systematically mapping the space. The camera’s red light will go off and you will get “Searching…” messages if you have a terminal window hooked up. When the camera locks on to the target, you should see data printed to the terminal.