Autonomous Mode - only one side operates (Labview)

We trying to get autonomous drive working and having issue with getting both sides of drive train to respond. Only one side will operate.

The drive train operates fine in teleop.

We setup using in Labview as Robot Project (arcade drive).

We have tested on our last years robot and had the same issue occur. We tried from several computers to build and deploy.

We created a basic project and only modified the autonomous code (adding no other code) and setting both left and right to same number. The same issue occurs - only one side runs.

If you’re setting both inputs to an Arcade Drive function to the same number, you’re actually telling it to turn as much as you’re telling it to drive forward. That’ll have the effect of keeping one side’s wheels stationary so that the robot makes a tight circle.

Instead, just use the Y input to set the speed, and leave the X input at zero for no turning.

Use ArcadeDrive to turn the robot and AutoDrive (or whatever its called) to move it forward.